Audio Slideshow: Joy Amuedo, Local Artist

Joy Amuedo Character Profile from Katie Bell on Vimeo.

I struggle with audio a lot, so this project was definitely a challenge for me. I enjoyed spending time with Joy in her home, which is clearly more hers than her husband’s since there are tid bits of art projects in the works in practically every room. The audio was challenging though because Joy is an animal lover. She has three cats, two dogs and three birds. The dogs were barking outside so we let them in so they wouldn’t make noise, but as soon as they came in the birds started chirping. The birds could be heard clearly in every room in the house, even with the door closed and a blanket shoved in the crack between the door and the floor. I thought it could be good ambient sound, since she is constantly surrounded by her pets while she works and they are often making noises. Purring, barking, chirping, all are heard nearly around the clock at this house. But since I didn’t photograph the birds and it’s not central to the story, the chirping is more distracting than anything. Next time I’ll try and figure out what her house sounds like in advance so I can be more prepared.


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