Subject Matter

This week I especially related to the reading by Hurn and Jay. Selecting subject material shouldn’t be a process to pander to the masses, but if it’s for a publication then any photo project should appeal at least to some people.

They said that the better photo stories come from photographers who choose a subject that they’re deeply interested in. If a photographer pursues a subject they’re interested in, they’re more likely to be thorough in their research and understanding, and want to do justice by it. Good photos can be made without curiosity, but it makes the act of photographing much more enjoyable.

I also thought Anne Lamott’s chapter Polaroid was interesting. The idea of taking a stab at something, just because it interests you, isn’t necessarily a waste of time. It can develop into something different and substantial the more you explore it. Or it can open you up to all kinds of other possibilities. Like Hurn and Jay said, if it makes you curious, pursue it, care about it, and try your hardest to communicate your care for it to others.


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