Picture Story and Photographic Essay (First Post!)

This blog will serve as my class blog for my capstone, The Picture Story and Photographic Essay with Rita Reed at the Missouri School of Journalism. It’s been a long journey, college, but the end is in sight!

Our first assignment was to find a great picture story. So of course I went to The Lens Blog. Here is what I found:



Yeah. That’s an eyeful. War photographers are a whole other breed to me, they have to be proactive, able to withstand all of the horror they witness, and wise enough to save their own hides if situations get nasty. But more than the sheer tenacity it takes to be a war photographer, Mauricio Lima’s photo story is great because it went beyond just visually disturbing and violent imagery.

Anyone can snap a shot of someone dead on the ground and it be considered newsworthy. His access to me is astounding. He was able to get close enough to both sides of the conflict to show them in down moments, not just action shots where he’s hardly noticed. The more emotional photos for me are the ones not in the middle of conflict. It’s those “down moments” that make the story for me because they show people’s true emotions as they react to their situations. They have had time to process what’s going on, and despite how bleak it is, they show resilience. It’s incredibly inspiring to me, and is more revealing about the conflict in the Ukraine and how it affects the people than the action shots do. That’s real digging, that’s real journalism.


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