An Alien Has Taken Over My Body

No joke, that can be the only thing to explain why my innards have turned against me.

First I have headaches and a sore throat and the strong desire to walk around with a pillow strapped to my head. This week’s adventure is Nausea: The Musical. I didn’t think trying not to puke while walking to class would be the type of multitasking I’d partake in this semester. And not eating is really not helping the headache situation.

If this keeps up I’m going to quarantine myself. I’m not going to be responsible for the alien invasion that destroys the planet. I don’t normally get sick, so I think alien takeover is a reasonable prediction to make about the cause of my symptoms.

I have interviews to do, a paper to write, and a presentation to give. But I’m not complaining, just slowly wasting away in silence. Good bye everyone, it was nice knowing you.


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