Multimedia Woes

I like multimedia, it’s necessary for photojournalists to be able to create multimedia. However, I am not super technologically savvy. Especially with older technology. AKA the wack video camera Madalyne and I checked out for our multimedia project.

It required a tape, strike number one. Madalyne had to buy a pack of three for $14. Strike number two: We don’t know how or have the means to put it on our computer. Strike number three: It looks like the footage is damaged in some way. Did we tamper with the tape? Spill something on it or play football with it? No. It just doesn’t want to work. You’re out, wack camera with tape.

So this means we’ll have to re-interview our two subjects. We won’t be able to re-film that b-roll, but I took stills at the event, so it’ll have to do.

Woe is me, booo hooooo. I’m done crying now.

Derek said he is going to tell the Missourian to never check those cameras out to anyone again. Praise be.


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