Tweet Tweet

In my social media peer review, my peer could not find my twitter account. I had a bit of difficulty finding hers as well, but I was persistent and eventually I came across the correct person. Even if she had found my twitter she would have probably suggested I use it much more. I’m not one to just get on twitter and look through tweets. They all come on too quickly for me to go through them and I end up feeling overwhelmed. Sigh.

Another obstacle I have with the twitter craze is that I don’t have a smartphone or tablet. My only mobile form of accessing the web is on my laptop, and it is a rather cumbersome thing to carry around with me when I don’t absolutely need it. I can’t check it in line at the grocery store or while I’m riding on the bus. I see now why my lack of a smartphone is an obstacle.

In the past I have linked to my blog through twitter. Doing so only requires me to hit the little blue bird button right after hitting the blue and white “f” for facebook. I don’t have to actually sign on to twitter. Same for sharing articles or funny videos. I don’t have to be on twitter to share stuff. I just don’t get the benefit of reading the news on there. But the Poynter article showed me that I really need to do much more with my twitter than just share some of my stuff every now and then. I need to be active on it if I’m going to have an online following and persona.

Wish me luck. I feel like this will all come easier as soon as I get enough monies to have a smartphone.


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