Battle Rising

It is the fourth day of the first week of classes. And I am still trying to get my schedule in order. I’m trying to figure out when I’ll fit my paying jobs in around my time at the Missourian and studying. And of course I had an oil change and had to replace two tires this week for my beloved vehicle. That makes two trips to the car doctor in one week. But hopefully I’ll get my schedule set for the next coming weeks, because I need to start writing articles. I don’t like being behind, but that’s usually my luck for the first week of school.

Today however I learned that I’m going to be working extensively on Battle High School. I’m excited about this since I went to Columbia Public Schools, and it’s the new school in town. If I were in high school now I’d be attending Battle, so I’m very interested in how it shapes out to be.

Having gone to CPS I also know a few of the faculty and staff over at Battle after they were shuffled around to cover the new school. Thankfully I was a good student, so this won’t burn any bridges between the Missourian and Battle.

The staff photo class for the Missourian is currently working on a big photo project called Battle Rising, which is obviously about Battle High School. So I think it will be easier to get visuals to go with the story. Not to mention I’m in the photojournalism emphasis and know quite a few of the photographers and photo editors. And if need be I’ll always have my D-SLR with me to snap some images to go with my text. Overall I think the situation will work out in my favor, as long as I embrace it.


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