Like a Rolling Stone

It seems I’m everywhere and nowhere at once recently. How does that work out? It doesn’t. I say this because I’ve really only been in Missouri for the past 14 years of my life, but these past 14 years have contained the most defining periods of my life.

I feel as if I’ve been nonstop since I entered college, more specifically the Mizzou J-school. I’m particularly invested in the Missourian at the moment, since I’m taking the dreaded News Reporting class. Usually dark clouds form over people’s heads as they talk of it. I can’t say I’m any different. I’m in the photojournalism sequence, and therefore I am not particularly interested in covering daily news with a pen and paper at length, or with a laptop nowadays. My strength is in the visuals. I like writing, but only as long as I can express my opinion. I know, I’m picky and childish that way, but it’s hard for me to be objective. My parents have instilled too much confidence in me.

Dreaded or no, I’m required to take the class before Staff Photojournalism so here I am! I’ll be reporting about my various moods and experiences through this dear blog, which has been repurposed many a time with patience. I spent my summer at Missouri Life and blogged about my experience there on this blog as well. When I went into my internship, I thought that keeping busy over the summer would prepare me for the Missourian. I think I was quite wrong in that assessment.

Missouri Life’s deadlines aren’t nearly as strict since they only publish every other month and plan out their stories practically a year in advance. I also did less immediate news reporting and more photo gathering and long story forming. It was a set up I liked, but alas it has ended. I just hope I don’t have to cry miserably every week, because it seems a strong possibility with all of the obligations I have. Keep me in your thoughts throughout this semester, because I’m probably going to need it.


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