Sweet Boonville Summer


Hello blog, I have taken a vacation from you for about a month now, and for that I apologize, I hope you can find it in your little electronic heart to forgive me.

I have been quite busy since our last encounter, hence the absence, but I have returned with stories to tell. I finished up my junior year of college (scary spice!) a month ago, and have begun my internship at Missouri Life Magazine in good ol’ Boonville, Missouri.

I must say, I’m normally not a fan of small towns; they often have a desperate or neglected air about them that is not very becoming. They give me the eerie feeling of going back in time, as if they’re a stagnated bubble, unable or unwilling to move forward and leave their time capsule. There is a fine line between stagnation and whimsy. Boonville lies on the whimsy side, thankfully. Boonville doesn’t seem to have the abandoned buildings other small towns boast. The old buildings here are from an era much less recent, but they are beautifully upheld and refurbished, and a shop or a resident occupies most. Boonville has character, plain and simple.

I work down the street from beauties like this.

I work down the street from beauties like this.

It’s hard not to have character when located right next to the grand Missouri River. Where is a better place to have a Missouri magazine located than on the Missouri River itself? Nowhere, I tell you. It was along the river where many a settlement was established when the Europeans moved in. It was their transport, their sport, and their livelihood. We owe a lot of our current cities and towns to the Missouri River. And it’s not too bad too look at either.

One of the many rooms in the Frederick Hotel that I'm allowed to work in. Bliss!

One of the many rooms i the Frederick Hotel that I’m allowed to work in. Bliss!

Speaking of character, the offices Missouri Life Magazine occupy are chock full of it. They’re located in the historic Hotel Frederick, which is right next to the Missouri River. It has high ceilings, wood floors, oodles of details and tall windows; it’s essentially my dream office. Aside from the intern room, I’m allowed to venture around the hotel and work in common areas that are open to guests as well. They are usually vacant and charming, and offer that much desired silence sometimes. When I came to interview for the internship I thought, “I could definitely get some work done here.” That is always a good sign.

While adventuring around Boonville the other day, I came across another unique feature of the Frederick property, a horse. I was in the back of the building, overlooking the Missouri River, and believed myself to be alone. Needless to say I was startled when I came across a horse standing beside the dumpsters. I looked to see if it was tied up, and it was, (a bit loosely). So I thought it safe to take a picture from a little distance. It didn’t seem to mind and we both went on with our day. A horse behind a hotel is not so uncommon in Boonville. A horse and buggy can be seen any time of day on one of the small downtown streets, just trotting along without a concern for the cars around it. Here in this historic-meets-modern town, looking out of an historic hotel, Mac Book Pro all lit up, it seems just right.

Bet you don't have this lil' guy at your office.

Bet you don’t have this lil’ guy at your office.


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