Everyday I’m Colorin’

I apologize for the cheesiness of my post title. But sometimes it’s all I can do to enjoy myself. Anywhoooo, I did a color correction assignment for class, and this was my first attempt at it. I went to the engineering school because it’s full of icky icky light. All kinds of blinking f-lights find their home in this confusing, dark building. It’s not conducive to a happy feeling. But I knew I would absolutely need to use my flash and a gel or two in there. So off I ventured. I met with the Rocket Team, they literally build rockets and make me feel inadequate in the process. And their lab is in the basement of the engineering school. It was rather depressing, I don’t know how they spend so much time down there, without windows or fresh air, but I suppose they’re too busy to notice. I only used one gel, Roscosun 85, which is an orange color. The color of the f-light in the room was warm, so I matched the ugly. I think my photos turned out pretty well, at times it seems a little warm on their skin tone, but only when I’m pretty close to them. The room itself matches what my eye saw, so I think that’s an accomplishment.




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