I Love All that is Neglected in This World


For my spring break, I didn’t lounge on a beach, I didn’t sip margaritas, I did not even leave the state of Missouri. Instead, I found my spring break spent in death traps just waiting for the chance to begin the final Final Destination movie.

I’m not entirely sure why these abandoned places of “once were” are so appealing to me, all I know is that I feel like an adventurer, exploring the past which could have once been a place of love, sickness, or turmoil. I decided that I would explore Missouri’s abandoned spots for a photo adventure. I knew they would be dark places, in need of some flash all up in there, so I thought it might be a good opportunity to work on an assignment. These places are bound to be full of stories, so why not share them?

I will say that it was difficult to maneuver in these dangerous, damp places with a flash in hand and camera in the other. I often employed a voice activated light stand (AKA, my incredibly understanding boyfriend) to get the flash in a position I wanted without sacrificing my life in the process. Some of the places I wanted to go were inaccessible, like the projection room at the Macon Drive-In, but we journalists make do with what we have. I just hope I didn’t totally botch the photos in my enthusiasm to be in these hidden places. I am an adventurer at heart, if only I was also a lighting genius at heart so that these assignments would be second nature to me. I guess no one can have it all.



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