Line Dancin’ and Flashin’




So, portable flashes are temperamental, I’ve learned. At least mine dislikes me. It’s probably because I just bought it and haven’t built up a rapport with it yet. It went off only half of the time, which is disappointing. No photographer likes seeing their images completely black. But some came out, which is lucky for me since I’m being graded for this.

I used two techniques, the bounce technique and the direct technique. The direct technique is obvious, I pointed the light where the subject was. Simple enough right? Not so much when you have a cord attaching your camera to the flash and have to spread your arms like an eagle to cover what you think you intended to cover with light. The bounce technique is when you point the flash at a surface nearby, either a wall, ceiling, floor, etc. to make the light larger and diffused. It “bounces” off of the surface and over the subject. (Hopefully.) Since I pointed mine at a wood floor, the light came off a bit tannish or as I like to say, “dusty”. Which worked for my situation.

I like the bounce/diffuse technique, it’s a lot less harsh and enhances the natural environment if used correctly. That and people don’t get as shocked or mad at you when you’re firing the light at the floor or the ceiling rather than their eyes.

Needless to say, it’s hard for me to make a decision, so I have three “direct light” examples and two “bounce light” examples for your perusal. I hope you can tell the difference between them, otherwise I have failed. *Cries incessantly.* These posts are getting more and more emotional. For that I apologize.




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