My Plan to Run Out of Money

I think it’s time I really sat down and made a list, cause that’s what I do best, of all the things I’d like to see and do in this lifetime. Yes, a bucket list friends. It’s cliche and damn necessary all at the same time. I apologize to those of you who think they are only cliche, but hey, whether you actively think about it or not, you’re always saying, “I should do that some day.” That’s essentially a bucket list, you hater, you.

First off, I must say that a trip to India has been on my mind ever since my dad told me about the trip he took in the 80’s. I’m not naive enough to think that this trip would be glamourous or “easy”. One has to be careful in foreign countries, especially countries that are radically different from your own. I’m an outdoorsy person, so seeing the Himalayas and Kashmir would be my No. 1 priority, as well as kayaking down the Siang River, but I’d like to see the cities as well, despite my overprotective father’s admonitions. I wouldn’t be the dumb tourist, waving around my American money, sporting a visor and fanny pack while complaining about all of the elephants in the road and the unbearable heat. No, I would obviously be foreign, but rather a curious visitor wanting to soak in the culture, than an obnoxious tourist that just wants to see the Taj Mahal and then quickly flee back to the States. Indian food, music, dress, and religion all fascinate me. And I’d like to see it all first hand, and experience some of it for myself.

Next on my list is the Pacific Crest Trail. It’s a trail that runs all the way from Mexico to Canada, obviously through the furthermost Western states in the U.S. I don’t think I would do the entire trail at once, but bits and pieces here and there would be enough for me. I love my hiking, but camping for extended periods of time gets to be a bit tiresome, that and I doubt I’d be able to take off work for such a long period of time, (it would take months). I’ve always been a fan of hiking and nature, and the West has always held some sort of fascination for me.

Sky diving. It has to be done. If there’s a chute and plane and land to, well, land on, I’m there. ‘Nuff said.

Road trippin’. I have always wanted to just get in a car and go, with only a vague sense of where I’m going and lots of great songs to listen to. A buddy would also be a great addition. Someone that doesn’t care that we don’t have an itinerary and likes how many diners and weird thrift stores I stop at. Oh, and they not only have to tolerate my belting of songs, they MUST join in.

Living somewhere abroad for awhile has always been on my mind. I wouldn’t want to plant roots there permanently, but a nice year or two just to see how everyday life operates in some other part of the globe would be ideal. Vacations, as nice as they are, don’t really leave that much of an impact on you. A week or two isn’t enough to really feel a city, country, or culture. It’s important to see the touristy things, like the pyramids in Egypt or the Taj Mahal in India, but it doesn’t do the host country justice to see that and assume that’s all they have to offer.

Marathon. But not just any marathon, a marathon in a foreign country. I would be ambitious and say in several countries, but I don’t want to assume my body will tolerate all that travel and running, (not to mention my pocketbook). So I’ll just be conservative and say one foreign marathon for now.

This may sound a bit posh, but I’d love to do a bike tour of New England and/or the British Isles (Ireland, Scotland and such). The routes normally take you through picturesque forests and cute towns with hidden treasures and adorable bed and breakfasts. What more could one need than some fresh air and exercise, followed by a comfy bed and delicious food? (I’m a foodie, so anywhere I go I’ll be scouting out the delish eateries.)

MOTHER RUSSIA! I love doing Russian accents, well almost any accent, but Russian is my favorite. I’d love to see the architecture of St. Petersburg and Moscow and go to a Russian ballet in Russia. Not to mention get in on that vodka action.

Skiing in the Andes Mountains. I’d love any excuse to go to South America, and the Andes Mountains are it for me. Skiing isn’t something I can get a lot of in Missouri, so if I’m going to travel to do it, it might as well be on some of the prettiest mountains there are.

There’s a theme with my bucket list, I know. So I continue the pattern and say I want to hang glide in New Zealand. Gorgeous country, thrilling sport, need I say more?

I’m a roller coaster buff. Literally the majority of our family vacations have had to include at least one day at an amusement park for me so that I could get my roller coaster fix. Disney World was by far a trip planned to appease me. So it’s natural that I’d want to do a worldwide roller coaster search. What I have planned is like the American Idol of roller coasters. I would have a wide variety to choose from, many would be mediocre, just plain bad, or almost there. But they would all be worth it for me to find the BEST roller coasters in the world. I would document my “studies” and publish them (on the web most likely) as a paved road, if you will, for future adventure seekers. You’re welcome.

I have many more bucket list items, of lesser or equal value, but I will conclude with one that I think would be amusing to most. At some point in my life, I will don a white bra and underwear and play Janet in Rocky Horror Picture Show. The venue could be as small as a living room for a couple friends and as poorly prepared as 30 minutes would allow, but it shall be done!




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