I Have to Use Technology? Ughhhh….

So there’s this thing called technology, and yeah, I use it abusively as an American citizen compared to several other peoples around the world, but I wouldn’t say I’m in love or anything. I like my snazzy digital camera, but I also appreciate the time and effort that goes into my film photography. (I’d really like to install a dark room in my house, but I don’t think the landlord would appreciate that.) Yeah, I am typing on a computer right now, I own an ipod, car, cell phone, blu-ray player, and television. BUT that does not qualify me as a fan and most certainly not as an expert.

I understand the uses of technology, and I understand that we’ve come to depend on them as first world citizens, but do I have to be an expert at Adobe Flash to get a job nowadays? It appears so. It seems every internship or job advertised in the journalism field requires some knowledge of Adobe products, often Flash and Illustrator are the important ones. Both of which frustrate me endlessly. I have no patience when it comes to the detail required to make a slight change in a graphic. I don’t like searching through the buttons and guessing what they mean, and  clicking the one word that destroys everything utterly to the point where there’s no hope for me to continue without some serious relaxation time. But as a photojournalist, I have adapted to using editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, but it appears that I may need to broaden my horizons with all of the sites out there about how to design apps, webpages, and essentially how to whore your site out on the internet. (Too brash?)

While I may not have to become an expert per se, it seems to be important to have a broad knowledge of different softwares and mediums. And of course, as an intern or entry level reporter, one would probably be stuck doing a lot of the grunt work that is meticulous and really draws on your broad knowledge base along with some trial and error thrown in just for giggles. But as a journalist advances in their career, I think they’re more able to specialize by picking a certain type of software or technology that really applies to their expertise and interests (such as Photoshop for photojournalists). After all, there are people hired just to make infographics. Yeah, there’s people that like the stuff. So let them enjoy their niche, and I’ll enjoy mine. Until then I”ll just have to suck it up.


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