A Blog About Blogging-Why Not?

Blogging seems to be the next trend when it comes to journalism. I think it’s a grand idea, it offers a wide array of subjects to be perused at the reader’s convenience and with the ability to limit the content to one specific subject, there’s always a niche for everyone’s interests. I personally have ventured into blogging before with a very specific niche: satire.(http://kaydbe.blogspot.com/) I’ve grown to really enjoy satire with media outlets like The Onion and The Colbert Report, both of whom make fun of the subjects they cover, and the journalistic processes as well. I’ve always appreciated when someone can poke fun at themselves or laugh when someone pokes fun at them.

Blogging also allows just about anyone to get their voice out. It’s great for showcasing writing, artistic, and design talents without much of a cost. Every journalism professor nowadays tells students to have a least one blog going consistently to send with resumes and cover letters to potential employers. And since blogging allows for a more casual setting, a person can really relax and show who they are. The “anonymity” of the internet makes a person more daring, and more willing to publish than if they had to run their posts through several editors. (Not that they shouldn’t examine their own work with a discerning eye.)

A blog that I came across when browsing through the students in the capstone class caught my eye. Most of the others looked exactly like the templates on WordPress (and I know what they all look like now, trust me), but hers was very unique and inviting. On top of that, it made me want to read one of her posts. (http://aseasonfor.tumblr.com/)  Her writing seemed to match the fun style of the layout, and I think it’s important for a blog to be representative not just of the content, but of the person who’s managing it. It’s a lot more personal than writing articles for a local paper or magazine. It’s designed and written by solely you. You are editor-in-chief, reporter, web designer, and photographer all in one. And blogs are generally opinions, so the blogger is really putting themselves out on the line for others to view straight on, instead of through a lace curtain pulled around them by a large publication or organization. Blogs are both easier to publish, and ballsier in my opinion. There’s the magic word, opinion. And now anybody on the internet can come across this page and comment with their own opinion. It’s beautiful, I tell yah.


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