Obligatory Hello

Hello, this is Katie speaking (or typing). This blog is primarily for my J2150 class at the University of Missouri. This is not my first foray into blogging, I have another, more personal blog that I use for satirical purposes. It’s a fun way for me to practice blogging, so I put a link to it on this blog (hopefully it shows up.) This is however my first blog on WordPress so I am a little jumbled on here, it’s a bit more complicated than Blogger, but I will survive (cue music).

Our long term assignment seems like a good practice for real world journalism. Especially since most journalism (if they’re smart) are heading towards more multimedia. I am a photo j major as of now, so I have a head start on a lot of the camera work, but I’ve never really shot video or audio and I certainly haven’t edited it or used any of the programs we’re required to use. It’s a bit daunting, but I think it’s useful information so I’ll put a lot of effort into learning it quickly.

I have three ideas for my subject. Since this class is very visual, I’d like to choose a topic that lends itself to that. I would also like something that interests me considering I’m going to be spending a lot of time with this project and a grand majority of my points rests on it. My preferred choice would be the “King of Queens” for the True/False movie festival. If you’re not aware of the Queens that grace the festival, they’re the ones dressed insanely that hand out Q (meaning “queue”) cards for those trying to get seats to a film an hour or so before the movie starts. All of the costumes are very visual and take people with character to fill them, so I’m certain it would be an entertaining subject to say the least.

My second choice would be the owner/operator of Fyrefae Productions. The company puts on burlesque shows in the Columbia area and are known to be very entertaining. Again, it’s very visual and something that I personally find interesting.

My third, and least likely subject, would be the barefoot runner of the Missouri area, Rick. I saw him when I was in cross country and we were working the water tables for the local Heart of America Marathon. He had on a shirt that had his website (barefootrunner.org) on it. He seemed very happy to be barefoot and did rather well considering he had no soles under his feet. Again it’s a visual and odd thing that people would probably find interesting, even if they’re not into running. And being a runner myself I am very interested in the subject.

I’m very optimistic about this class, it’s certainly more in my target area of journalism than J2100 was (news writing/reporting), and it may actually be enjoyable as well as incredibly informative/useful for future use. If only the programs won’t completely change by the time I graduate. One can hope.



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